Share field teams in confidence and with 100% transparency!

We task and manage your shared team using the Overproof platform. We will upload your fully tailored go-to-market strategy and provide (y)our team with actionable insights to maximize their success.

Tired of having to reinvent the wheel for every market, brand and plan? Empower your decision making by taking guess work and complexity out of the equation through our self‐optimizing commercial & strategic planning software and methodology. 

Set goals per brand, team member or territory

Overproof’s Commercial Planning Framework includes goal-setting modules to ensure your organization focuses resources and attention to the right activities for your brands.

Full control and visibility over in-market execution.

Include your sales and field teams in the translation of brand strategies into market-specific activation plans, and tie these plans directly to goals and KPIs for them to execute.

Resource allocation with a marketing or sales focus.

Go-to-market plans are created and optimized by your sales and field teams, to ensure their time and budgets are optimized. By setting budget and time allocation parameters, you can ensure brand goals and KPIs are met.

Portfolio activation optimization for multi-brand companies.

The Overproof platform takes into account the specific goals, segments and focus of each individual brand in your portfolio. Budget and resource allocation within sales and field teams are optimized to ensure a multi-brand approach.